Harry Imagine. *(Dirty)*

You and your boyfriend Harry are at your flat. You haven’t seen him for a while due to his promo stuff with work, so you were fairly happy to see him. You are both watching your favorite movie, “Love Actually”. You’re dressed in some volleyball spandex and one of Harry’s t-shirts. Not even 10 minutes into the movie and Harry is already trying to make a move. He begins sucking your neck, trying to kiss you, etc. “Babe, stop” you whine. “Babe…” you say again once he doesn’t stop. “C’mon babe” Harry says, kissing your sweet spot. You moan in pleasure. “You like that babe?” he asks. “Mhmm…..” you say half moaning. Harry kisses the spot again, wanting you badly. “Oh god babe” you say, completely in pleasure. That’s when  you take control. You straddle him, slowly nipping at his shirt. “I like where this is going” Harry says. “Shut up, you’re mine now.” You seductively say. You rip off his shirt aggressively, stripping his bottoms as well. He laid there, naked. Boy did he look like a fucking god. He helps you out of your shirt and spandex, leaving you naked. “I don’t tease, but I don’t warn either” you whisper in the curly haired boy’s ear. You feel his penis rise. “Bit excited babe?” you giggle to yourself. You begin to kiss his neck, really wanting to surprise him. As he was feeling your body, you quickly thrusted into him. A loud moan escapes your lips. “God Harry I didn’t remember you being this big.” you say, riding his huge dick. “Fuck yeah, ride me babe.” he groans. You moan louder, adjusting to his big size. After moments of riding his dick, Harry pulls you out and gets on top of you. “My turn” he whispers. Without warning, he thrusts into you, so hard. The loudest moan made its way out of your mouth. “OH GOD HARRY.” you moan. You can see Harry smiling. Cheeky bastard. “Say my fucking name babe.” he commands. You moan louder and louder, not obeying his commands. Seeing this, he thrusts into you harder. You still don’t obey. He thrusts into you so hard you can’t help but scream his name. “HARRY, JESUS FRIGGIN’ CHRIST”. You yell. “Harry I’m going to c-” you don’t even finish your sentence until he says, “Wait, hold it in babe.” You can’t help but hold it in. “C’mon babe it’s coming.” you moan. “Go.” he whispers. You let your juices flow into his penis. “You’re so warm babe.” he chuckles. He kisses your neck, as he finishes up. He lays down next you, wrapping a blanket over him. You wrap an arm around his torso. “Jesus babe” he says, out of breath. You laugh, knowing you satisfied him. “What can I say.” you respond cheekily. You get up and dress back in your spandex and t-shirt, not bothering with your bra. Before you get yourself and after sex snack, you peck Harry on the lips. He smacks your ass, grateful for having such a sex kitten like you. 

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